Inner Child – Examples and Excercises for Therapy

Activities or exercises are used within the context of therapy to work with the inner child – aiming for clients to access and eventually accept their inner child. When a person’s connection with their inner child is disrupted, they no longer develop the type of self esteem and ability to deal with their emotions that they need to function as a fully rounded, healthy adult.

Therefore different exercises are used to work with the inner child.

Giving my Inner Child a really good Pep Talk every Day

Some inner child exercises involve a daily talk with the client’s inner child, where the hurt child receives all the attention, love, care and tenderness that was missing during childhood. Every day the client asks their inner child, how it is doing and what it needs to be happy. As the adult is able to fulfil these needs without resorting to stricture or impatience, the inner child eventually heals from wounds, wrongs and hurt inflicted during childhood.

Just look at that scared little Face!

Other inner child activities use childhood photographs, enabling clients to overcome their exaggerated fears. Taking a photograph from childhood that shows a fearful face, the client in their role as a loving, caring adult can engage in a calming and soothing conversation with the inner child, giving all the support and affection the client did not receive during childhood.

Turning old Belief Systems on their Head

The emotional wounds inflicted in childhood through negative experiences and neglect may have created many negative thought processes and belief systems in the client, which are still active today. Inner child healing works in conjunction with positive images such as Cards for Life, where particularly child-like pictures can turn negative, destructive and restricting belief systems on their head and turn them into positive, constructive and liberating ones.

Cards for Life can be used to work for work with the Inner Child as well. You can find out more about it here.

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