• Get more courage for life

    Cards for Life consist of 72 positive affirmations and beliefs addressing essential subjects in therapeutic work.

    The cards are designed to inspire new points of view and embrace processes of change.

    The original Lebenskarten are from Germany and loved by therapists and clients alike.

  • Designed during hard times

    After many years of dealing with depression I had to change my attitude towards life, which had been marked by negative beliefs.

    Alongside therapy, developing and working daily with Cards for Life was a great help to me.

    The origins of Cards for Life...
  • Applied in therapy and daily life

    Developed while attending trauma therapy, Cards for Life have proven to be effective in many forms of therapy and as selfhelp tool alike.

    Used in Psychotherapy, Counseling, Selfhelp Groups and many more

    How to use Cards for Life
  • Popular tool in therapy

    Cards for Life have established themselves as a valuable tool in psychotherapeutic practice and in consulting work.

    The original “Lebenskarten” from Germany are currently used by more than 3,000 therapists.

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  • Get inspired

    You can view a selection of the 72 Cards for Life in the Gallery. Why not stop by, take a look and get inspired?

    You never know, you might even find the perfect card straight away.

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Cards for Life are a collection of positive affirmations and beliefs, dealing with therapeutic subjects such as self-respect, self-care, sorrow, happiness and working with the inner child. Developed in therapy during my own depression, these cards have become a popular tool in many forms of therapy, both for counselling and personal development.

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What others say about Cards for Life

Cards for Life provide a source of enrichment for everyone, who – possibly in conjunction with therapy – would like to work on themselves.

Prof. Dr. Luise Reddemann, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and developer of Psychodynamic Imaginative Trauma Therapy (PITT).) | View more testimonlials

Developed in Therapy

I created the original Cards for Life as a self-help tool for while I was suffering from depression and attending therapy. I never planed to make them available to the public until others convinced me to do so.

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Used & loved by many

Cards for Life are popular in many forms of psychotherapy, coaching and as a useful self-help tool. They are used by people of all ages in all walks of life. Find out how you can use them.

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Now available in English

Originally called "Lebenskarten", Cards for Life are now available in English.
The order process is simple and shipping is free across Europe and only takes a few days.

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