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How to use Cards for Life in therapy, counselling and personal self-development

Cards for Life are used in a variety of ways for patients’ own purposes, as well as in psychotherapeutic practice and consulting work with adults, children and young people, in education and in coaching. Naturally not every card will be applicable for every subject. However, working with Cards for Life has shown time and again that the sayings allow significant room for individual associations, enabling the cards to be used in the most diverse settings.

Ideas for working with Cards for Life

To get an idea of the variety of uses for Cards for Life, please take a look at some examples, sourced from personal emails, testimonials and our guest book (most of which have been translated from their German originals).

Personal Use

As a gift for family
“My partner suffers from depression and I was looking for something to help her. With these cards I have a daily gift for her. Let’s see how they help her.”

For your self-help armoury
“For difficult times I have designed my own emergency self-help kit, which contains many helpful tools. Naturally, it includes a few Cards for Life, to give me courage.”

For your purse
“I like the size of the Cards for Life. I can carry whichever card is currently most important to me in my purse at all times. Whenever I go shopping,  I’m reminded of my favourite sayings.”

For self-therapy
“For me, looking at the cards is my best way of finding peace. The box is like a treasure trove. You find a new gift every time you open it.”

As a reminder
“The simple pictures on the Cards for Life help me to remember the sayings even better.”

Therapy and Consultation

For individual therapy
“During a lull in a discussion I typically ask my patient to draw a card. This revives the conversation; it gets easier and /or the discussion reaches an important subject.”

For group therapy
“At the beginning of my workshop I distribute many cards. Each participant chooses a card and is encouraged to tell the group why he or she chose it. This quickly leads to lively discussion.”

As a game during therapy
“I used two sets of Cards for Life to create a game of “memory” and we like to play this in our family. During the game we often have happy and substantive conversations.”

To Pick and Choose
“When I display the Cards for Life, they look cheerful and inviting. It never takes long [for my patients] to find a favourite card.”

As an appointment card
“My clients are looking forward to their weekly gift, which also reminds them of their next appointment.”

Find further ideas of how to use the Cards for Life on the testimonials page.

Developed in Therapy

I created the original Cards for Life as a self-help tool for while I was suffering from depression and attending therapy. I never planed to make them available to the public until others convinced me to do so.

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Used & loved by many

Cards for Life are popular in many forms of psychotherapy, coaching and as a useful self-help tool. They are used by people of all ages in all walks of life. Find out how you can use them.

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