Art Therapy

How Cards for Life can be used as Art Therapy resources

Art therapy uses a variety of visual media such as clay, colour or photography, enabling clients to express their inner images, which they may not be able to put into words, and allowing them to discover new resources through this creative process. The aim is to reveal additional possibilities for solutions and room for manoeuvre, which will eradicate current barriers.

Cards for Life can be helpful in overcoming obstacles and discovering new resources. Often inner barriers must be overcome before the client can embrace art therapy. Cards for Life inspire courage, trust and self-confidence, enabling the use of inner resources.

Developed in Therapy

I created the original Cards for Life as a self-help tool for while I was suffering from depression and attending therapy. I never planed to make them available to the public until others convinced me to do so.

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Used & loved by many

Cards for Life are popular in many forms of psychotherapy, coaching and as a useful self-help tool. They are used by people of all ages in all walks of life. Find out how you can use them.

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Now available in English

Originally called "Lebenskarten", Cards for Life are now available in English.
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