EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy)

How Cards for Life can be employed in the Context of EMDR

Trauma means a person cannot work through and integrate the emotional and cognitive impact of an event or a chain of events. The aim of EMDR therapy is to overcome trauma and its connection with painful memories and feelings in order to remain stable and capable to act in present-day situations, when they serve as a reminder of the trauma.

Cards for Life can serve as preparation for the actual process of synchronization within the context of EMDR. When a client begins the process by allowing the Cards’ positive maxims to do their work, the client is in a far better position to confront their trauma and to integrate their experience. When EMDR is not used as a technique for confrontational trauma processing, but within the context of developing resources, Cards for Life are suitable as basic working material, helping clients to tap into previously unexploited resources.

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