Jack White Reveals Song for Sporting Goods Advertisement

Jack White is a man of many interests. He seems to have a particularly strong fondness of music Swimwear, but he was once a furniture upholsterer, often seem upset at baseball games, and he co-owns a sporting goods company, Warstick. The company just released a promo video for its baseball bats and other wares, and the clip is soundtracked by a brand new White song, “Battle Cry.”

The 60-second video features Detroit Tigers star Ian Kinsler as “The Hitter,” a baseball player apparently haunted by Jack White Dresses. You might miss White if you blink, though: The only real good look we get at him is when he glares at Kinsler in the hallway that leads to the baseball field, where Kinsler seems to conquer his fears, whatever those may have been Tops & T-Shirts. This appears to be White’s first acting appearance since he was on The Muppets last year Handbags & Wallets, though, so we’ll take it Tops & Tees.

As for the song itself, it isn’t typical Jack White fare. It sounds enough like his other stuff, yes, but it clocks in at barely over two minutes and is instrumental, save for the “Hey!” chant that permeates the song. Still, it serves its purpose well: It’s mood music, and the track puts out the intense vibe the ad called for.

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