Luise Reddemann

Prof. Dr. Luise Reddemann (born 1943), psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, specialist in psychotherapeutic medicine, was the senior physician at the clinic for psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic medicine of the Ev. Johanneskrankenhauses (Evangelic St. John’s Hospital) in Bielefeld from 1985 to 2003. Today she is an internationally acknowledged expert in the field of psycho traumatology and actively involved in development and education.

Luise Reddemann is a pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders caused by trauma and which have up to now not been adequately treated by therapy. She developed an innovative treatment concept – Psychodynamic Imaginative Trauma Therapy (PITT). This therapy takes particular account of patients’ ability to use their inner mental pictures and own resources to learn self-control and self-care. The concept of trauma therapy is divided into three phases: stabilization; confronting the trauma, and bereavement and integration. The stabilization phase is afforded the greatest role within the concept of PITT.

While I was a patient at her clinic in Bielefeld, I got to know Dr. Luise Reddemann as a very intelligent and warm-hearted woman, who was able to listen intently to her patients and who provided strategies for life which were often unfamiliar, but nevertheless clear and simple, and very useful in everyday life. Women in particular, who were often traumatized by violent events, felt drawn to her method of treatments, leading me to dedicate a memorial stone to Dr. Luise Reddemann at the “Women’s Remembrance Labyrinth” in 2003.