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Short Description

Cards for Life are originally called “Lebenskarten” from Germany have been professionally translated and are now available in English.

The German counterpart has prooven hugely popular with thousands of therapists, counsellors and people who are currently having difficulties dealing with life. The idea of creating cards came to me during my own long process of undergoing therapy. During that time I realised my whole attitude towards life was influenced by many negative beliefs, which hampered my ability to live my life. Over the course of a year and a half, I designed around 100 dictums, of which nearly a third turned out to be vital to my wellbeing. The overwhelming positive feedback I received from my therapists and close friends finally led to my decision to make the cards accessible to others who might also benefit from them.

Areas of use:

Psychotherapy    Trauma Therapy    Self-Developement    Systemic Consulting    Coaching    Adult Education    Family Therapy    Crisis Intervention    Systemic Therapy    Positive Psychology    EMDR Therapy    Schema Therapy    Meditation    Dialectical behavior therapy

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Product Info

Complete series of 72 Cards for Life in Box
Size: equal to Buisness Cards (5,5×8,5cm)
Material: hard paper, matt (300 gsm)

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Cards for Life are shipped free across Europe from Germany.
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