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Over the last few years I have received many testimonials from German customers. I am always surprised at how people from so many different walks of life apply the cards in unique ways. Have a look at the testimonials below to get a better understanding on how others use these cards.

Cards for Life provide a source of enrichment for everyone, who – possibly in conjunction with therapy – would like to work on themselves.

Prof. Dr. Luise Reddemann, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and developer of Psychodynamic Imaginative Trauma Therapy (PITT).)

I work with my clients using PITT and therefore they are quite familiar with the sayings. After an hour of working with the inner child we source a card that might provide support for the client until the next meeting and I let them take the card home. As a “transitional project” I like to hand out a few cards for the holidays or for a longer absence from my practice.

Dorothea Burkhard, Switzerland (Psych. Therapist)

Cards for Life are very helpful in the therapeutic treatment of cognitions. Many of my patients like to browse through the cards and choose the slogans that are most suited to their current issue or their wishes and goals.

Dr.I. Andresen-Dannhauer

Thank you so much for Cards for Life. They help my patients with their individual therapy, as well as being helpful during group therapy.

Imke Voet \ Naturopath (Psychotherapy) Body Psychotherapist EABP

The cards are simply marvellous – I just had to buy them the moment I discovered them. They are as simple as they are effective and more than that, they are authentic! I have numerous ideas about how to integrate them into my work!”

Heidrun Krebs \ Couple and Family Therapist (DGSF)

I am a psychiatrist for children and young people and also do consulting work with parents. One mother in particular, who is badly traumatized, works intensively with your cards. I have lent them to her, because she says she can only find peace with your cards.

Martina Blaß

What kind of experiences have you had with Cards for Life? I look forward to hearing from you via e-mail at: mail@cardsforlife.com.

Developed in Therapy

I created the original Cards for Life as a self-help tool for while I was suffering from depression and attending therapy. I never planed to make them available to the public until others convinced me to do so.

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Used & loved by many

Cards for Life are popular in many forms of psychotherapy, coaching and as a useful self-help tool. They are used by people of all ages in all walks of life. Find out how you can use them.

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Originally called "Lebenskarten", Cards for Life are now available in English.
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